Facilitating Seamless Data Exchange Through The DxF Community Sandbox – 6/27 C4BH Meeting

Since November 2023, Connecting for Better Health has sponsored and stood-up a Data Exchange Framework (DxF) Community Sandbox to advance equity and connections between health and social service entities. On June 27th, C4BH hosted members of the Sandbox team to present on new features and visualizations of the Sandbox ahead of its public go-live date of July. In addition, the coalition welcomed Jen DeAngelis, Director of Federal Policy & Advocacy of Blue Shield California to give updates on federal privacy policy.

DxF Community Sandbox: Collaborative Data Exchange

The DxF Community Sandbox is a dynamic learning environment designed to accelerate the adoption of California’s Data Exchange Framework (DxF). This initiative allows organizations to securely test, collaborate, and develop new workflows and strategies to enhance data interoperability. Key features of the Community Sandbox include:

  • Accelerate DxF Adoption: The Sandbox is increasing awareness of the DxF and the Participant Directory. Data Sharing Agreement (DSA) Signatories are required to fill out the Participant Directory to list their choice of intermediaries and/or technologies to exchange Health and Social Services Information (HSSI). By filling out the Participant Directory, the Sandbox is able to ingest the information from participants to visualize who is sharing data, and how they are doing so.
  • Shared Assets: The Sandbox produces a library of communal resources for all participants to utilize and draw key insights from.
  • Technology and Policy Gap Identification: The Sandbox aligns technological practices with recent policy developments and will continue to monitor legislation and adapt to new circumstances. 

The demonstration led by Toria Thompson showcased the new visualizations of the Sandbox including the Participant Directory ecosystem of data sharing entities and the methods of data sharing neighboring organizations are using. By utilizing the Sandbox, participants can visualize who their trading partners are and what method of exchange they are utilizing in order to workshop solutions for real-time data exchange. 

Thompson also gave an update on the Partners in Care Foundation Community Design Studio, where C4BH is bringing together Partners in Care Foundation–a social services provider of Enhanced Care Management under CalAIM; managed care plans, primary care providers, and a Qualified Health Information Organization (QHIO). The collaborative approach to designing data sharing use cases to improve acute transitions of care addresses multifaceted questions and drives innovative solutions that can be put to use immediately upon completion. 

To further the DxF Community Sandbox’s initiatives, participation is crucial. Organizations are encouraged to: 

  • Fill out the Participant Directory: Contribute to a comprehensive database of data-sharing entities.
  • Engage with the Sandbox: Fill out your corresponding organization in the Sandbox portal and tell us more about your technology platform to enhance data analysis. 
  • Find our offerings on the Technical Assistance Marketplace: The DxF Bootcamp, Community Design Studio, and DxF Community Sandbox offerings are now live on the TA Marketplace for organizations to select services.

Federal Updates on Privacy Acts

Our June 27 meeting also included Jen DeAngelis providing  an update on the recent Health and Human Services (HHS) Final Rule on Information Blocking Disincentives and the American Privacy Rights Act (APRA). The HHS Final Rule was published on June 24, 2024 and aims to curb information blocking by health care providers, making a significant step in promoting transparency and interoperability within health care systems. In Congress, the APRA continues to receive attention as a critical piece of proposed federal legislation aiming to establish a comprehensive federal framework for data privacy in the United States. However, legislative dormancy and diverse concerns among stakeholders suggest that significant movement on APRA may not occur by the end of the year.


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