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Advancing data sharing to improve the health of all Californians

Connecting for Better Health (C4BH) provides a forum for members to discuss policy developments, share the latest evidence, and develop a collective outlook to advance data sharing in California. We organize panels for industry events, develop educational materials, and advocate for sound state and federal policy.

Founded in 2021, C4BH is a coalition of providers, caregivers, health plans, patient advocates, innovators, and community based organizations. We strive to improve the state’s data sharing infrastructure with a goal of transforming health and social outcomes for all Californians.

In November 2023, C4BH became incorporated as a nonprofit to expand our leadership team with a board of directors and to grow the reach our advocacy and education work.

Our vision of a health information exchange network

What patients and healthcare providers are saying

California voices: How would a health information exchange network impact you?

Anna R.

Anna R.

Patient Advocate
“Even though I am young and may look healthy, I have a serious preexisting condition—for which I have had to manage all my own complicated medical records. If I have a medical emergency and am unconscious, no one would know about my complicated history or how to get me back to health. All of this simply can’t be put on the patient.”
Hakeem A.

Hakeem A.

Medical Director, Sacramento Native American Health Center
“I had a patient who I saw last year who said ‘I had a stroke’. In my mind there are certain things I think the patient is going to need after having a stroke—I requested the records three or four different times and did not get them and waiting for those things meant three or four months that the patient wasn’t able to get those services. I still follow the patient and he still has limitations that I’m not convinced he would have had otherwise.”

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