Data Exchange Framework

Data Exchange Framework Sandbox

Built for the community, the DxF Sandbox is a dynamic learning environment that supports organizations participating in California’s Data Exchange Framework to securely and rapidly test, collaborate, and scale new workflows to fully realize the value and promise of the DxF.

What is the DxF Sandbox?

It is a real-world testing environment for California DxF Participants to identify, test, and validate data exchange implementation strategies as they plan, design, and adjust their current workflows to meet state requirements.

Read C4BH DxF Sandbox press release here. 

How does it support implementation?

The DxF Sandbox allows health providers, community-based organizations, health plans, public health agencies, and social service organizations to pursue cutting-edge data sharing approaches with meaningful cross-sector collaboration.

DxF Sandbox Objectives

  1. Accelerate DxF Adoption: The DxF Sandbox provides a virtual onramp to the DxF. Organizations with differing data platforms can readily participate in a test environment that mirrors a production-level system.
  2. Identify gaps in technology and policy: The DxF Sandbox develops a shared understanding and agenda among policymakers, regulators, and those implementing the DxF of major obstacles that require technology or policy intervention to streamline and improve statewide data sharing.
  3. Create a neutral playing field: The DxF Sandbox allows for a neutral, transparent, and objective environment that simulates real-world data-sharing scenarios.
  4. Produce shared public data sharing assets: The DxF Sandbox allows for capturing detailed implementation guidelines, legal and regulatory guidance, and shared patient-facing documents such as a shared consent form and other education materials. Moreover, the resulting test data and DxF Sandbox Personas can be used and re-used by all participants.
  5. Allow for expansion of DxF services: The DxF Sandbox provides a statewide asset that allows the extension of its services to test additional statewide efforts and provides the building blocks for future public-private innovation.

Data Exchange Solutions Driven by A Use Case Library

The DxF Sandbox hosts a “Use Case Library” co-developed by organizations with on-the-ground experience, backed by best-in-class practices, and aligned with nationally-recognized data standards. These priority use cases provide organizations with well-reasoned and defined rules for priority data exchange interactions between people and systems to enable efficient and effective implementation of these workflows.

Community Design Studio – Coming Soon!

The DxF Sandbox Community Design Studio is an open collaborative that will develop human-centered design use cases and provide immediate feedback to specific areas of interest before DxF Implementation.
  • The studio will be comprised of a diverse set of California health care stakeholders, community-based organizations, partnerships, and associations with a broad reach in the community, including those with lived experience.
  • Stakeholders will include functional and technical representatives from participating entities.
  • The studio will promote alignment and coordination of data sharing across jurisdictions (local, regional, tribal, and/or state), service domains, and health care sectors.
  • Stakeholders can roll on and off as use cases are developed.
  • The studio will meet virtually at a regular cadence to develop use cases and address identified implementation issues.

Early Adopters

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