Connecting for Better Health Forms First Nonprofit Dedicated to Advancing Data Sharing in California

The nonprofit is building upon its proven data sharing advocacy and education work to expand its leadership team and extend its impact

LARKSPUR, Calif. – (November 16, 2023) – Connecting for Better Health, the coalition dedicated to advancing data sharing in California, today announced it is now a nonprofit. This transformation makes it California’s first cross-industry, not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving health and social outcomes for all Californians through the advancement of community- and state-focused data sharing infrastructure.

Connecting for Better Health’s (C4BH) transition to a nonprofit builds upon more than three years of successful advocacy and education work, during which C4BH organized panels for industry events, developed informational materials, drove policy conversations around data sharing, and helped guide implementation of the Data Exchange Framework (DxF).

“Formation of the Connecting for Better Health nonprofit is representative of both the need for and effectiveness of data sharing advocacy work in California, which is the foundation for care providers to access the information they need to make care seamless, high quality, and affordable for our residents,” said Timi Leslie, Executive Director of C4BH and Founder and President of BluePath Health, a health care consulting firm. “We’re thrilled to advance our work, grow our community, and be a collaborative, cross-functional voice focused on ensuring that data sharing is developed thoughtfully and meaningfully across the state.”

As a nonprofit, C4BH will expand its leadership team and build on strong momentum. C4BH initially plans to progress its advocacy and education work related to DxF governance, the need for consent management in data sharing, and exchange across the health care and social services sectors.

Its inaugural board of directors will include:

C4BH has a proven track record of promoting the expansion of health and social data sharing. To date, it has advanced awareness of data infrastructure, such as health information exchanges (HIEs) and community information exchanges (CIEs), and brought attention to equitable data sharing practices for at-risk populations, including WIC recipients, Californians facing homelessness, and aging adults. C4BH is composed of providers, caregivers, health plans, patient advocates, innovators, and community-based organizations representing some of the most influential health care leaders and organizations across California.

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About Connecting for Better Health (C4BH)

Connecting for Better Health is dedicated to advancing health and social data sharing to improve the health of all Californians. Our nonprofit coalition of diverse stakeholders have a shared vision that every Californian and their care team will have the information and insights they need to make care seamless, high quality, and affordable. To realize the full potential of data sharing, we provide a forum for members to discuss policy developments, share the latest innovations, and develop a collective outlook to bring awareness to and influence policy at the state and federal levels. For more information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn and X (Twitter).


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